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Originally Posted by DogBoy View Post
John Ulrich proposes a "Triple Crown" mini-series with a single Superbike and Sportbike at each event. Races would run on the Sunday of a "regional" racing series event (I'm calling these events club races). He is attempting to put together a TV package and sponsorship for the Triple Crown.

Take away the hefty AMA Sanctioning fee, combine with club weekends to share track expense and use the money saved for TV. Well, thats my summary which may not be accurate.
I think this could work with the right people behind it. I've known JU pretty well since Pocono Formula USA 1998. He's been a force in the sport for decades. Some say a negative force, but not in my book. He single handed launched the whole air fence/soft barrier initiative, and I have a son alive today, thanks to that initiative.

I think they would need a pretty big purse to go along with the three events. Something notable that would attract fans and generate interest/buzz within the motorcycle industry. Maybe $100k for the winner, $30k for 2nd and $10k for the last step on the podium. Big enough checks to warrant a memorable podium video.

Maybe dump the spec tire rules too, since it isn't an AMA Pro deal. If there is no spec tire rules then Dunlop will be allocating free race tires to their contract riders. Pirelli and Michelin might try to carve a slice of that grid too.

Yes I know changing tire brands requires a lot of set-up changes, but people are willing to work pretty hard for free race tires. Three events with a big purse makes it worthy of the effort.

Anyways, I hope a Triple Crown will surface. I might be willing to field an R6. I know a few others that would too, and with competitive riders.
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