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Originally Posted by akarob View Post
The only adjustment that I needed to make over at KTM Talk was their intolerance for joking around. Very little off-topic gab or joking around is allowed. They take it pretty serious, and that's actually a feature if you ask me.
I wouldn't mind that actually. A lot of the forums I used to freqiuent, posts on topics which were really important (someone asking for help or someone else taking a lot of time writing long, detailed, and excellent posts about how-to something-or-other) would get thread-jacked by retards fucking around. You'd have to read through 2 pages of utter dribble in between the decent posts. Several Aussie forums I know of suffered this fate, and all the competent riders I know through 'the community' all quit those sites because the signal-to-noise ratio got out of control.

I think your post has probably convinced me KTM Talk might be the right site for me to use as a resource for my RFS (06 525 EXC)
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