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Originally Posted by plcguy View Post
To answer the original question, Yes! There will be others who believe the site is too difficult, useless, etc. I visit it often and spend some time here as well. For me, KTMTalk has been wonderful for resolving bike setup, issues, etc. I have noticed a higher level of decency among the KTMTalk visitors as well. I must admit, have seen way more bad language and personal attacks on ADVRider than KTMTalk. Would be nice if people would show each other a little respect and leave the bad language and attacks out of their posts...

My two cents worth
Ahigher barrier to entry is not a bad thing. It's a great way of ensuring quality. The best sites I'm a member of are paid ones, with a high barrier to entry. The people on thos sites pay money to have a forum they can have high quality discussion. And every response generally is worth the price of entry.

But this is highly subjective on my part - I want high quality information on topics being discussed, and I want those topics to stay on-topic. I don't really care for 'shooting the shit' on those forums. I shoot the shit with my mates at the pub.

But there are a lot of people who want forums they can joke around on and have flame wars and behave poorly. And I agree with your point about respect, bad language, and personal attacks.
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