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Originally Posted by bajaboundmoto View Post
Wow, some funny stuff. I don't mean JCR/Honda moves, I mean the posts on here.

The writing for JCR leaving Baja has been on the wall for years.
They're not down to 1 rider, not even just 2, and working on more.
What else do they need to prove in Baja, until maybe a new bike is released?
An already expensive 3 race series now a 6 race series, and your budget is already too small.
Riders weren't just kicked to the curb from JCR.

Other makes have dominated Baja and left. Baja 500's & 1000's have still happened and been exciting.
HEY NOW! We've got a great mob mentality going here and you are trying to spoil all the fun!

Pretty much JCR's fault for holding back all the good information, this is the interwebs after all, and we have the right to bash and speculate!
"I couldn't wait for success, so I went ahead without it."
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