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Originally Posted by Joseph42s View Post
I would post pictures, but I am forum illiterate, plus I want to ride the bike more and thus don't want to sit in front of the cpu long enough to get educated.


Awesome, Smooth, Great power delivery, HOT and NOT TALL. All the post made it seem like it was a Husaberg 570 dirtbike. I am 5'11.75 and its super easy. Both feet down if I want.

Hot....its 78 degrees here ( hot for California) and man the thing is hot. I thought they figured out the heat problem on the 2014. I searched and saw someone was developing heat shields. Anyone found the trick? I also through I remember reading that someone took the heat reflective off of the seat. But man, it was hot I got to change that.

I guess I am kind of crazy, I bought the bike sight unseen. I missed all the demo tours and could not seem to find one in California. So I found one in Oregon and had it shipped here today. So Far, so good besides the heat the bike seems sweet.

I am coming from a Husky 310 dirtbike and a 03 Dakar beater.
I understand your concerns, yes the bike does get hot, i rode home from work yesterday it was 39 degrees and the bike felt quite warm along my calf muscles and inner legs and under the seat.
THis will be just perfect for our winter here in Australia.
I am adjusting to the heat and tend to focus more on the joy of the ride.
I also open my legs abit from time to time as a sort of a vent.
Maybe this is how most twins are i dont know as i have never owned a twin..

But i tell you my friend this bike is just amazing on some many other diffrent levels, its purely a joy to ride and own aside from its small foibles

Happy owner..YES
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When you hit that sweet spot, it is simply electrifying. Stoner
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