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Originally Posted by Perljam View Post
Anyone with any decent miles under their belt care to share reliability pros/cons so far? Thinking of another 11 or 12 GS, air/oil camhead...I know, I know....but really would prefer the 1190, however concerned re KTM reliability and support, especially with all the new electronics. Thanks
My bike has 1,200K's on it so i cannot speak much on realiabilty.
What i do like is that to do your own oil changes will be easy.
Motorex Full synth 4T $96aud oil filter $15aud..
Simple as or just get the shop to do you changes every 8,000kms lets say for peace of mind.

Also the BMW and the KTM are diffrent in many respects, I think if you have your heart set on a 1190, my personal view is go for the 2014 model.
I rode the GS water boxer for 45 minutes and i was not impressed by it..
I didnot have a test ride on the 1190 and bought simply going on reviews and tests off the internet.
Thats was a massive call for me to do...

THis bike is very unique and im liking it big time..

Once again its a very personal decision, do your test rides, take into consideration your type and style of riding and then buy the 1190
75 V perky peak power from around 5000rpm and loves to be worked through the gears.
When you hit that sweet spot, it is simply electrifying. Stoner
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