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Well, just the center of sales for offroad...

I apologize if I implied SoCal is the center of the Universe. It's not. But I can see how it might look that way this time of year. It's just the biggest sales area for offroad bikes so I am assuming it gets the most attention from manufacturers, like textbooks in Texas. And it is a bit in a world of its own because the SoCal season is winter which is generally opposite the rest of the country. Plus, because trees are illegal here the speeds are much faster. When I lived in NorCal I noticed that alot of guys rode their bikes to the place where they rode offroad.

Rallys are great fun and I know that firsthand. My point, again, is that Rallys are more like a game than like racing. There; that ought to set off the two Scotts on here selling their own rally's.

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I know ca is the center of the universe but there are other states and ALOT of other racers in the country and world. Socal can have score the rest of us are happy to go rally racing. I'm not talking about rally moto which is where you find Subaru's. :)

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