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Originally Posted by max384 View Post
I just ride a little slower and try not to lean the bike as much when gravel is on the road. I've never tried intentionally sliding the rear on a street bike. While I love doing that in the dirt, that just doesn't sound like much fun to me on the street.
I beg to disagree, sir! Check out some serious fun being had here by Ruben Xaus on a Ducati supermotard:

Google "Casey Stoner powerslide" for some really cool shots of a master...

I just get a woody looking at stuff like that. Talk about skill! It helps to have a super hot bike and team of mechanics behind you too, but that's a lot of skill on display there. I aspire to ride like that some day.

I was having some work done on my BMW RT at Northern Colorado BMW/Ducati (Fort Collins) several years ago during the "off-season" and the shop manager told me that about 75% of their Winter work was repairing damage done from people taking spills on road sand/gravel/salt residue. He said that whenever a nice day happened along the Front Range folks would get their bikes out for a spin, get the "yips" and start hanging corners and over-using the throttle and down they'd go. He thought all the sand was a good thing for his business , and it helps with car traction as a side benefit.

Ride safely, watch the lean angle and throttle, and you'll be fine.

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