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I see that too.

I see DesertSurfer's point and agree.

On to my opinion about Breauxman's latest BS.
I think this has been thoroughly addressed by Dean Potts on Facebook when he dressed down Breauxman for one of his many insipid serf-serving posts about how stupid North Americans are related to Europeans. Shocker I know that a wannabe rally owner would be dissing Score and every other race here in the USA while promoting his own cute rally product and trying to win sponsorship. Just shocking.

But as Dean said, Dakar is really a French reality TV show that is all commercial product full of politics for like four hours a night. It's a very hard event but it ain't the 1000. I think Dean said he worked with KTM when Cyril Dupres came over to the 1000 and Dupres wondered why the 1000 race course had so many bumps.

In any case, when it comes to which race is tougher and I have the option of taking the word of a guy like Breauxman who once rode in a media van during Dakar and has a $hitty reputation, or guys like Tim Morton and Dean Potts who are at the core of offroad racing and extremely well respected, I reckon I'll take the word of real racers who've earned their considerable integrity instead of wannabes and a guy who uses the death of a famous racer for his own personal gain...

Originally Posted by DesertSurfer View Post
Personally I find motorcycle rallys to be more sophisticated then motocross or Supercross. And of course the Score races are a bit of their own design.

Look, I'm not a racer. I don't aspire to be one. And I certainly don't want to judge or offend anyone involved in any form of motorcycle racing.

I am merely a distant spectator. But for my personal tastes I enjoy viewing and following motorcycle rallys. I own and ride several rally style bikes, which I've done offroad for pleasure for over twenty years. I support the motorcycle industry from a consumer point of view and the minute an ambitious rally race promotor realizes the power of octo heli cams combined with Go Pros and the internet, that will have a huge stake in the direction of motorcycle sales, publicity and profitability. Motorcycle Rally racing isn't something that "might" become the next wave of popularity in the two wheeled industry... It's simply a matter of when, not if.

And oddly enough, whoever creates the best visual medium for distant spectators to follow it, get behind it and become fanatical about it... that entity will capitalize handsomely for it.

You want to know what makes the Dakar Rally so popular? It's a multi dimensional format. It's authentically glorified. And it's got future-thinking marketeers with an amazing visual capture and distribution plan. ( In my opinion what's missing with the Score races.)

So any ambitious rally promoters...simply take that plan and run with it guys.

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