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Originally Posted by hardwaregrrl View Post
Hey you been???
HEY!:) I have largely been well! Thanks for asking. I hadn't thought very much interest remained in my project and life got in the way a bit so I kind of forgot about updating... But i have some updates I can report on;) (Sadly I've been having a lot of computer issues at home so I don't have many new photos available at the moment...)

Long story short: I continue to fiddle. and fiddle. and mess things up;)

I had to replace my clutch again. I went for a ride with the clutch cable installed incorrectly and due to some bravado AND some extenuating circumstances the clutch slipped all over the place and I smoked the shit out of it. sigh. all my fault for sure. the bike still ran "ok" but I'd worry about initial movement and in 5th on the freeway if I rolled on hard throttle the clutch would slip. so I pulled the clutch and saw that I had truly messed up the plates AND ruined the spring. let this be a lesson to everyone else - it happens faster than you think. I bought a new spring and sent the rest of my parts off to Southland Clutch for resurfacing. $300 later I was back in business:P

That's the big news, and I'm drawing a blank about other stuff...

I hope to have my computer sorted out soon and will post some fotos of the smoked clutch. I'll also be at Jan's local tech day on Saturday:) I continue to hang out with the ABC every chance I get.

I hope everyone is well!
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