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Originally Posted by Off Road Ryder View Post
Funny I am also an ex ATC. lost my job with the strike.
This is basic stuff not really needing to be a mechanic, just understanding your machine and basic engine theory. Any bike is going to fall victim to bad fuel. I would suggest to learn the basics any bike you own and not be a slave to some shop. Pulling the tanks or looking for fuel is is a pretty easy task.
Ride a klr and be bored to death or ride a 990 with a smile, I guess that's what makes the world go around, different strokes for different folks.
I wish you well.

I met some of you Natca guys while I was at Catca conventions. What a shame that whole fiasco was. I was Gander Oceanic that day and we ran out of places to put aircraft on the ground.

I agree with knowing basic repairs and maintenance. This is beyond that scope in my humble opinion. I can change a tire roadside in minutes. I am not a complete dunce when it comes to mechanics but i am not a mechanic. This bike is still under warranty. My intention was to have it serviced properly by qualified mechanics. I was depending on it to take me to Mexico and back safely. In spite of paying for top notch mechanics or at least paying rates commanded by top notch mechanics this bike has failed to the point it has ruined my trip. If you intend to ride overland, stay far far away from a KTM 990

I think the argument that you have to be a mechanic to own a KTM 990 is a sound one. They are that troublesome.

I don't mind paying for repairs, I have the money. I do however mind paying for repairs twice because of inattention to detail by well paid mechanics and I do not want a bike that when given top notch maintenance and service will still not run properly and has been so unreliable I have to abandon my plans. My plan by the way was to explore Mexico, not explore Mexico motorcycle maintenance facilities.

I loved what I saw of Mexico last year on my way to Argentina and I wanted to see more. The unreliability, caused by poor filter design, of this KTM 990 has made that impossible and I intend to warn others, who are not mechanics stay far, far away from this bike.


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