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Originally Posted by Kedgi View Post
I want to sum up by saying if you don't ride too far from help, or are a mechanic the KTM 990 is a great bike. If you enjoy working on bikes it is a great bike that will give you a ton of opportunity to do exactly that.

Having said that if you are not a mechanic even if you are a mechanic, but you are someone who wants to ride overland and fears being stranded on the side of the road in a remote country miles from town as it is getting dark, the KTM 990 is not the bike for you. It is too big a bike to drag a kilometer from the road in a barren desert in an attempt to hide and protect yourself when it lets you down and it will let you down.

I shudder to think of a failure in some of the places I was last year. If you ride enough in remote places you will end up in bad places where a breakdown could be catastrophic to your health and well being

Don't buy into KTM's claim that this bike is some sort of world crosser. It's not. It is anything but.

Sorry mang. It is you who should not be riding a motorcycle across the world.
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