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Sketchy at best.

The last couple of weeks all I have seen is wind chop and more wind chop. Desperate for some kind of clean wave with a nice shape I vowed to leave no beach unseen. As always this took me down some less then perfect roads.

Try as I might this hill did not want me to reach the top. After one crash pinning me under the bike, I thought it best to park up and continue on foot.
After all this effort you would never guess what I found? More shit waves!

Disheartened and exhausted I returned to the paved roads. About twenty minutes later there was a loud noise followed by my bike not running.
I thought to myself. This is it, game over! It felt like my whole gearbox had dropped out. I looked down in fear, only to find a spoke had snapped off, land in my chain and thus snapping the chain.

Here is the culprit to my mechanical sabotage. One little spoke, so much destruction.

So being the under prepared traveler I am, it should go with out saying I had no spare chain links or chain breaker.

So it was off to knock on some doors of the town, I was lucky enough to have rolled into. I was blessed that the break down happened where it did, for I only had to push about 1km. If it had happened earlier in the day. Well lets just say it would have been a long couple of days.

After a few fruitless door knocks and discovering there is no mechanic in this town I decided to take a break and go for a swim. It was at this time I asked someone else if they knew of anywhere? He said. "Go ask Dan in Gringo on the beach" Gringo what? I thought. But off I went.

Dan is the owner of this fine hotel. He is also a very kind person, with in minutes He was on the phone to a mechanic.
He then came over to where my bike was.

After seeing this yard sale, he asked " where are you staying?" when I replied next to my bike, he scoffed at the notion and offered to put me up in exchange for a couple of hours work. Sounded like a deal to me.

Living it up in luxury for a night. Hot water and all.
I would highly recommend Gringo on the beach to anyone. Secure parking, great owner and beautiful location in San Lorenzo Ecuador.
I fear leaving, to continue on in my glorified homeless person existence.
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