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Originally Posted by Kedgi View Post
I have done it quite successfully in 17 countries last year alone. I partially agree however, no one should be riding a KTM across the world.

Yeah, but you couldn't cross the United States on your 990.

How anyone can own a 990, belong to Advrider and have over 1000 posts and NOT know that the fuel filters on these bikes clog easily is beyond me.

If you want to read the ride reports of the many who have done what you claim to have done last year, ride reports is the first forum that shows up when you log on.

Have you thought about just driving your car across these countries? Might be safer for ya.

Ultimately, you are correct- you should not own a KTM- nor any fuel injected motorcycle. They have fuel filters and fuel filters- much like air filters- tend to clog.
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