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Originally Posted by Lurkerlou View Post
I feel for you I really do but if you are paying for people to change your oil and complaining about the cost of service I think you purchased the wrong bike.

The target market for this bike honestly is people who like working on their own bikes and riding them.

Sorry but I'd venture to guess 90% of 990 owners change their own oil , do their own valves, and almost all wouldn't attempt a trip to Mexico without a spare fuel pump , filters and other spares in their arsenal of tools.

I do feel bad for you and I feel worse that you are stuck relying on others to fix your bike for you.

I love my 990 but I also love McGuyver and fixing my own stuff. I look at it as quality control....... I control the quality of the maintenance of my own bike.

I hope it all works out for you and you get home safe and sound.
I think you do a good job of illustrating my point. Can you direct me to any marketing that says you must be a mechanic to own this bike?

I think more accurately 90% of 990 owners never ride these bikes overland. I can show you marketing that suggest this is a good overland bike. It is not. I feel no shame for paying a mechanic. My time is more valuable than that. Without guys like myself willing to pay for mechanical services, how could mechanics afford KTM's

My idea of fun is riding a reliable bike, then sitting in a hammock on a beach in Mexico, drinking a Corona watching some young 20 something babe play nude frisbee with her dog. We all have different ideas of fun. The KTM is not well suited to my idea of fun. In fact my KTM prevented me from having my idea of fun in spite of their marketing which suggests otherwise.


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