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Originally Posted by IronJackWhitton View Post
I don't agree -- for some, an around the world trip consists of turning wrenches and going solo. Others do it with a team of people and a car of parts, doctors, mechanics in tow. Some use a backpack, some use a tour bus. "Should" or "Should Not" doesn't come into it as a black and white concept.

The guy did a major trip - one that 95% of the folks around here only dream about -- on a trouble-free KLR. That is where his expectation was set and he enjoyed that experience.

The KTM is advertised to deliver that same kind of experience, but better, and at least in this case it failed to do that (and wasn't helped by the dealers involved).
Well, if his air filter clogged after riding through the desert, would that be the KTMs fault, too? What about a flat tire? What if, god forbid, the bike was using oil?

Do you know there is no KTM dealership in Baja, Mex?
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