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Originally Posted by Kedgi View Post
I think you do a good job of illustrating my point. Can you direct me to any marketing that says you must be a mechanic to own this bike?

I think more accurately 90% of 990 owners never ride these bikes overland. I can show you marketing that suggest this is a good overland bike. It is not. I feel no shame for paying a mechanic. My time is more valuable than that. Without guys like myself willing to pay for mechanical services, how could mechanics afford KTM's

I'm a Crane Operator not a mechanic nor did it ever say in any brochure that I had to be either to own this bike.

I however did research this bike quite a bit before purchasing it and I know what the consumable maintenance parts are on the bike and I own them so I'm not at anyone's mercy if they fail.

If your time as you say "is more valuable" than to maintain your own bike then don't complain about the price of it. It would be like me paying people to wipe my ass and then complaining about the price of having to take a shit.
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