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Originally Posted by IronJackWhitton View Post
I don't agree -- for some, an around the world trip consists of turning wrenches and going solo. Others do it with a team of people and a car of parts, doctors, mechanics in tow. Some use a backpack, some use a tour bus. "Should" or "Should Not" doesn't come into it as a black and white concept.

The guy did a major trip - one that 95% of the folks around here only dream about -- on a trouble-free KLR. That is where his expectation was set and he enjoyed that experience.

The KTM is advertised to deliver that same kind of experience, but better, and at least in this case it failed to do that (and wasn't helped by the dealers involved).

Edit: To be clear, I love KTMs and would own one in a heartbeat, but I also have gotten more comfortable/enjoy working on the mechanicals of a motorbike. My point speaks to having the right tool for the job, and in this case I don't think it was it (but I don't blame the OP for it; Orange Fever is contagious!)

Thanks Jack, well put. I just hope that guys that dream of overland trip take off their orange colored glasses before they try one. My KLR made my ride to Argentina come true. My KTM left me stranded and ruined a trip to Mexico in spite of thousands spent on prep and dealer maintenance. That's an inarguable fact. KTM has ignored me, another inarguable fact. In four days they haven't been able to get fuel filters to San Antonio, another inarguable fact. So sorry if I hurt anybody's feelings about KTM's I just want people to know how KTM has treated me.

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