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An update on my 3 problematic batteries:
LFX27 (I thought it was the 36 but apparently its a 27 - realized when I removed from the bike): it started my bike once (1978 Guzzi), then I let it sit a couple weeks, then it didn't even turn on the neutral light when turning on the key. This bike had been fine previously with a conventional battery. I checked for drain while the key is off - zero amps going through. Attempted to charge the battery - no dice, never did start the bike again (this was a couple months ago - temps still fine).

LFX12: I got this for a Berg and it never did start that bike. OK, it has a lot of compression (though it is stock), so I tried it on several other bikes. Its never started anything else, including a Vespa scooter.

LFX07: I got this for a ZB50 Mini bike. Did ok in there a while, not even electric start mind you. then I used it on an LT80 quad for the kids. Worked ok a little while, then died. Never has taken a charge since.

With all of these, I tried a Battery Tender first. No dice. So I bought the Shorai charger - no dice. The LFX27 only gets to 10.1V after repeated attempts. LFX12 gets to 14.1V but again, won't even come close to starting even a scooter. LFX07 only gets to 13.4V.

Spoke again with the Shorai rep. I must say, I'm impressed with the customer service so far. Not only does the right person actually answer the phone number on their website, but after some checking and attempted charging, they have agreed to upgrade me the following:
  • LFX27 to LFX36 for $55, which is the difference in price (same battery dimensions so why not)
  • LFX12 to LFX14 - free, and dimensions are smaller on the 14(?)
  • LFX07 to LFX09 - $15
So I filled out the RMA and the batteries are going in the mail today. Ill update when something new happens.

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