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Originally Posted by Lurkerlou View Post
I'm a Crane Operator not a mechanic nor did it ever say in any brochure that I had to be either to own this bike.

I however did research this bike quite a bit before purchasing it and I know what the consumable maintenance parts are on the bike and I own them so I'm not at anyone's mercy if they fail.

If your time as you say "is more valuable" than to maintain your own bike then don't complain about the price of it. It would be like me paying people to wipe my ass and then complaining about the price of having to take a shit.

I am surprised when people miss the point so completely my complaint is not with the cost. I would be happy a a hen shittin' shingle nails if the maintenance I paid for prevented this breakdown and a four night stay at a San Antonio motel when i planned to be riding in Mexico. My issue is that INSPITE of the cost the bike has still left me stranded and can no longer be trusted. I'm guessing you never took the time to read my ride report as I suggested you should. Your comment could not possibly be so off the mark if you had.

Thanks though appreciate your input.

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