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Originally Posted by unaweep View Post
Well, if his air filter clogged after riding through the desert, would that be the KTMs fault, too? What about a flat tire? What if, god forbid, the bike was using oil?

Do you know there is no KTM dealership in Baja, Mex?
An overland bike should be able to make a 2000 mile trip through the Baja if it was truly and overland bike, without the services of a dealer, don't you think. Or, do you think a bike should have so many issues it's been at three dealers between the Carolinas and Texas like this KTM has.

Not sure what it is you don't understand about paying once, so you have the time to spend Christmas with your family, to have an issue addressed, finding out when you get back that inspite of paying a big price once you're waiting four days for parts, stranded thousands of miles from home, to have the same issue addressed, 500 miles later. You find that funny? I don't think you have the experience to be posting here. read more, learn, post less, is my humble advice to you my friend.

I sense you have a lack of overland experience maybe? I also suspect you were in such a hurry to take childish potshots you haven't read my ride report.

Please I implore you send me a link to your overland ride reports. I want to get a sense of the vast travel experience you have that is making you so critical of my bike problems and problems with an uncaring manufacturer.

Please don't waste the time of a real dualsport overland rider with a recurring mechanical issue on a new bike that could use some help

Thanks, respectfully


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