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Originally Posted by Kedgi View Post
An overland bike should be able to make a 2000 mile trip through the Baja if it was truly and overland bike, without the services of a dealer, don't you think. Or, do you think a bike should have so many issues it's been at three dealers between the Carolinas and Texas like this KTM has.

Not sure what it is you don't understand about paying once to have an issue addressed, waiting four days for parts, stranded thousands of miles from home, to have the same issue addressed, 500 miles later.

I sense you have a lack of overland experience maybe?

Please I implore you send me a link to your overland ride reports. I want to get a sense of the vast travel experience you have that is making you so critical of my bike problems.


YOU accusing other people of lacking experience is pretty darned funny! I'm a lawyer, yet none of my KTMs have ever been back to a dealership for anything. I have 4 in my stable at the moment.

You're right. This is not the bike for you. We agree. A person has to understand which end of a screwdriver drives the screw if he's going to own a KTM. The fact that you managed to ride around a number of countries proves nothing. I've ridden around many foreign countries for weeks at a time. I don't do ride reports- time spent maintaining my motorcycles is more important to me than posting pictures and pretending to be a bad ass world traveler.
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