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Originally Posted by WantToRideMoar View Post

$10K+ bikes just don't belong on third world tours. Gimme simple-stupid carburated fuel delivery with a simple-stupid inline fuel filter, a simple-stupid engine that can handle roadside oil changes with questionable Mexican/Ethiopian/Mongolian dino-oil rather than synthetic stuff that is probably "synthetic" synthetic oil if you know what I mean, and an air filter that won't have a conniption fit if all I can do to clean it is pour water over it to wash out half the dust and reinstall it.
Gotta disagree here, too, and point you to:

Attitude/expectation matters a lot more than the type of bike. If you are willing and able to repair your $10k + bike after it falls down a cliff (as the folks in the previous thread did), then take it. If not, don't. If you aren't prepared and expect you won't have to, it's a problem if you DO have to.

Love the Heinlein quote though. I'm still working on the "Conn a Ship" part, and hope to not prove the Die Gallantly for a while yet ;)

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