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Originally Posted by VxZeroKnots View Post
Yeah, damn KTM's hate milk jug gas.

I'm a Software Developer, not a mechanic and my time is also very valuable. That is why I learn the inner workings of my motorcycles and common problems and fixes for them. That way I don't wind up wasting my precious time in some dive hotel whining to the internet instead of riding a running motorcycle. Even worse with the places I frequently go, though in the US, it'd be easy to wind up alone broke down in the middle of nowhere waiting to die of starvation or dehydration.

Sorry you're having problems and your vacay was blown, but self sufficiency counts for a lot when the stakes are high.
I guess you're right I probably should have known my brand new KTM was going to fail four times in a ride halfway across the states and i should have taken a laundry list of spares with me. Its a KTM afterall. Maybe I should have brought a support van to follow me too. should have known that when i paid a dealer to prep the bike for Mexico he would have screwed it up. Its a KTM afterall. What was I thinking? Oh I know I though I bought a reliable new overland bike for a trip to Mexico. Instead, I screwed up, I know where I went wrong, i bought a KTM

Oh and my vacay wasn't blown, guess you didn't read my rr

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