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Originally Posted by Johnf3 View Post
Sure it can be done in a parking lot. We did my friend's 990 in a dirt motel parking lot in Big Bend. It is a very straightforward repair. It took us all of a couple of hours, never having done one before. I am sure we had less time in it then you have invested in this thread.

I agree the 990 is susceptible to bad fuel issues. It is a known issue and has been since KTM switched to FI almost seven years ago in the States. Your issue is nothing new. Sounds like your trip got ruined by poor service from a dealer more than anything.
Could be, but when you did it in the motel parking lot did you wait four days for the parts. Was the bike, brand new still under warranty too. We're you blindsided by four standings in a row on one ride. Is this what we all should expect from KTM? really? Is this what we as consumers of expensive motorcycles settle for? Crawling around in the dirt replacing fuel filters on a new bike?

It's what I'm hearing is necessary if you ride a KTM. Loud and clear. I won't be riding another one.

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