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You keep banging on about having done a lot of overland and then asking where the posters ride report is. It's probably not there because they didn't want to write one, lot's of people do amasing things every day without telling a single person about them.

All FI bikes these days have super fine filters that clog easily, that's because it's easier to change a filter than get all that crap out of the FI system, Yes it would be nice if you could run the bike for it's life time without touching a thing but the fact is you do have to.
You stated how there is no or few dealers in Mexico, why then choose that bike to ride in that area if you can't do your own basic maintenance?

$1000 to change the filter? You have been royally fucked up the arse there!
You can change a tyre then you can change the filter and pump if it comes to it, it's not hard or illogical to do

Bikes still in warranty and you've already done 30K on it, well it's not been that bad has it!

Am I a veteran overlander with numerous ride report to my name, no and even if I was you'd never find a RR from me because I'd never write one.
If I'd come across you broken down I'd have helped you anyway I could, including changing a filter for you (you carry a spare right?) oh maybe not because you were going into an area known for dirty fuel on a fuel injected bike with no dealer network available and no experience in basic maintenance, don't blame the bike, blame your crap dealer, blame lack of proper maintenance, blame bad luck but you'd have eventually had just the same problems on any bike, even your KLR will have eventually had carb problems , it just didn't happen that time.

So to close this take your experience and ask your self if you'd have rather have known the basics and just done the change yourself and carried on.
Or just go back to a basic old bike with a carb, then learn how to take the carb to bits and clean it out properly, which I can assure you is FAR harder than a filter change.

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