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Originally Posted by Black Hills View Post
San Antonio is a nice town, I would suggest a long walk with a stop at several pubs, trust me it will do you good.
I like the suggestion. I am at an airport motel a long way from the riverwalk. I make a half mile trip each way to the nearest restaurant, in an industrial park behind a Target store to get my supper each night. It's getting old. I have enjoyed having something to do today.

Unaware's (sp) posts have entertained me. I travel to meet people and go nice places. I have had a rewarding career and my life is a "vacay" Posting on Orange Crush a reading the BS some spew, who have never ridden long distance and can't take a well intentioned warning without saying "it's your fault" "you're not a mechanic" "you should have brought a parts store with you" has been eye opening. What drivel. They don't want to address the inexcusable four day wait for parts i guess.

I think you're right though a walk would do me good. I can likely expect a lot of walking if I ride a KTM haha I'd like to take a cab down to thre Riverwalk but my costs are mounting thanks to my delay's caused by the inavailability of KTM parts in one of the biggest cities in Texas.


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