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Originally Posted by Kedgi View Post
I guess you're right I probably should have known my brand new KTM was going to fail four times in a ride halfway across the states and i should have taken a laundry list of spares with me. Its a KTM afterall. Maybe I should have brought a support van to follow me too. should have known that when i paid a dealer to prep the bike for Mexico he would have screwed it up. Its a KTM afterall. What was I thinking? Oh I know I though I bought a reliable new overland bike for a trip to Mexico. Instead, I screwed up, I know where I went wrong, i bought a KTM

Oh and my vacay wasn't blown, guess you didn't read my rr

Your KTM is a machine, every machine from the space shuttle to a mouse trap has experienced a failure. To think this impossible because the machine is new is deluded at best. With a background in aviation I'd figure you would know that aircraft fresh out of maintenance are the ones which need the most scrutiny. I'm not sure why you'd need a support van to carry a sum of spare parts (consumables at that) smaller than a can of beer or a spare tube. You DO carry a spare set of tubes don't you, or did you just figure you wouldn't get flats because your tubes were new?

Hopefully your KTM will wind up with someone who appreciates it more, once they take care of these teething issues it will be a great machine for them.

I skimmed your RR but if this isn't considered a blown vacation I'd hate to be within earshot of you when you have a real problem.
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