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Originally Posted by VxZeroKnots View Post
Your KTM is a machine, every machine from the space shuttle to a mouse trap has experienced a failure. To think this impossible because the machine is new is deluded at best. I'm not sure why you'd need a support van to carry a sum of spare parts (consumables at that) smaller than a can of beer or a spare tube. You DO carry a spare set of tubes don't you, or did you just figure you wouldn't get flats because your tubes were new?

Hopefully your KTM will wind up with someone who appreciates it more, once they take care of these teething issues it will be a great machine for them.

If this isn't considered a blown vacation I'd hate to be within earshot of you when you have a real problem.
I wish you guys would read the RR. Where did you get the idea this was a blown vacation? Where?

Did you read the RR really?

Share your extensive riding overland riding experience please. I want to learn from a master.

In stark contrast to all this BS, the guys I know who are really on the road somewhere today realize this bike has issues that prevent it from being an overland bike.

Tell me, before I go to supper all about your extensive overland experience on a KTM 990 I'll go get an Orange Crush at the store.

Thanks for your kind words

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