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Originally Posted by vasculopath View Post
All right you knuckleheads, it aint gonna happen but you should know your history. GSPOT was never split. When the F800GS came out it was in Beasts for about a year or more, and because of it's popularity, it was pretty much taking over that Forum. It's engine configuration is vastly different from the Boxer GS, hence, parallel universe. The older F650GS is still in beasts.

If the 1190 was an inline four, it would make more sense to split. If KTM comes out with an adventure oriented 700 cc triple or some such thing, it would go to beast for a while, and if it took over beasts, then maybe like the F800 it would get moved in, and OC would get divvied.

If you're gonna use the GSPOT analogy, use it correctly...
So under that analogy, you should split orange crush, because the puerile drivel of the 1190 owners is taking over, you are contradicting yourself.
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