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Originally Posted by Kedgi View Post
Thanks for your help. I think your a grandstander, maybe not a lawyer, who is a little bitter about being called out as a troll.

I appreciate your input.

Still waiting for that link to your vast ride experience my friend still waiting. I have the time to read it as i wait four days for parts for my FI bike

Fixed that part for you...

Why the hell do you go on a trip that has a guarantee of bad fuell, with a FI bike that is pretty tough to maintain for someone that goes to dealers for an oil change?
It's not the weapon that's the issue, it's your choice of weapon. If you need to rely on dealers then a 990 adventure is NOT YOUR IDEAL WEAPON, are you out of your mind??!!

Should have got a 950 and refreshed it, would have been allot cheaper. An adventure is not unreliable if you maintain it. Going to the dealer and letting him perform the schedule is not enough riding in your conditions.
It's sufficient for daily commuting and weekend trips. But riding trough a dusty and hot climate with nothing but bad fuell, the KTM wil NEED some extra attention... It sucked for you that you bumped into those kind of mechanics that do nothing more then follow spreadsheets.

Oh and about the 'it needs full synth oil, it's not an overland bike' IT RUNS FINE ON DINO OIL.

And 4 times breaking down is still a result from the first breakdown, it never got solved...
Your dealers sucked (following schedules alone, srsly WTF?!),the KTM support sucked and your gas sucked. Sell the thing and buy something you feel comfortable on. But please, don't go spreading crap the adv is not an overland bike. It's just not an overland bike FOR YOU.
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