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I tried everywhere in California as well. But found my R model in Oregon.

I was interested in the new bmw gs adventure, but my dealer has 7,8 deposits so I wouldnt see a bike until fall. Tired of waiting. And this bike is awesome!

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After being on the phone all day and calling every dealer I could find, I found a grey 1190 and made a deal. I go pick it up tomorrow so probably won't sleep much tonight! I bought it from Malcomb Smith's shop, the same place I got my 950 from in 2003. Last friday my friend and I went and test rode a 1190 and then went on the other side of the freeway to the BMW dealer and test rode a new GS we did the same route on both bikes. He ended up getting the GS and of course I will have the 1190 tomorrow. They are very close the BMW is a little better wind protection but i felt the KTM was more stable, I noticed a couple of times the GS's front end shake over irregular patches of freeway and gusts of wind hitting my shoulders affected the BMW more than the KTM.
But both are great bikes.
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