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The fly by wire throttle has a pretty stiff return spring, which I am at a loss to understand the reasoning for, but the connection to the motor is perfect and not at all sensitive to "throttle jiggle". I intend to fashion some sort of mechanism to counter act the spring to lessen the wrist effort, but in truth, it did not really cause me any discomfort over the several hours I rode it. My early cycles, (old Harleys), had push - pull throttle cables with no spring return at all, (pre Federal standards), and I consider the hard spring returns of today to be ridiculous, but that is another story. I like to be able to rest my hands and even remove them from the grips briefly every now and then. Impossible with the current throttle spring, which appears to be largely tamper proof.
I moved my HDB setup from my 990 before selling it. The bar risers and the Kaoko throttle lock were a part of the setup. The Kaoko solves the problem you mention above.

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