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Originally Posted by pyarnall View Post
My nephew is a new KTM dealer, (Solid Performance), in Downingtown, PA, not far from Philadelphia. ........

Then there is the issue of speedo error. Both the demo and my new bike, (yes it is sitting in the barn waiting for good weather), read optimistically by quite a bit... 6-7 mph at an honest 60 mph (GPS). I fixed that problem on my 990 with a Healtech recalibrator, but the 1190 is CAN bus so that device is not an option. I am hoping to learn that there is a way to use the internal software to make corrections. TBD. Why a motorcycle with 21st century technology is delivered with such an out of whack instrument dumbfounds me. This is a very high performance motorcycle. It needs an accurate speedometer..........
nice summary!

when I was at my dealer a couple of weeks ago, he had my bike connected to their computer/analyzer and I was quietly watching him scanning through the various menus where settings on the bike can be changed.... in one of the menus I briefly saw an entry called "speed calibration" or something to the effect - I was more concerned about my problem at that stage, so never asked him about that.

Seeing your nephew is a KTM dealer and assuming he has all the KTM computer stuff, could you perhaps ask him to check for that and report back here?
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