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I've done a few of our local enduros, though they are the Restart Format (more like several mini-Harescrambles tied together with connector sections). I've found it's still easy to over-complicate things for yourself. You'll be trying to think about going fast, but at the same time trying to worry about timing, and all that crap. Do like Barnyard said, get there early (or night before) and try to talk to some people.

A simple trick for keeping time is get on a line with someone faster than you and someone slower. Never beat the faster guy, and never lose to the slower guy, and you should come out at about the right time. No time keeping required. Simple.

My first Enduro, I ended up on the line with the guys I was pitted next to. I more or less followed them, and we were able to help push each other to go faster. I wasn't really concerned with how I finished in that one, mainly wanted to try an Enduro out.

Whatever you do, have fun. If you're thinking "I'm just gonna go to have fun, not really push too hard, not race..", it won't work. I have yet to meet anyone who has been able to successfully go to a race and not at some point have the "I gotta go faster" mindset.

Good luck and let us know how it goes.

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