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"Hello inmates, I have been riding/racing motorcycles (MX) for 36 years.
This year i am going to race my first ever Enduro, i would like to race the series. However, since i never race a Enduro event i am a TOTAL NOOB
to time keeping. "

Stop right there.

I've been meaning to respond to this for like 4 days now but I've been too busy all day and to tired at night.

It's been a really long time since I've ridden an Enduro and they've all been on the east coast. I'm plannig on riding a few later this year if all goes according to plan (basically i haven't let my wife in on the "I'm getting another bike Honey" since she keeps looking at the 4 current ones and mumbling something that sounds like "Yard sale".

If you've never ridden an Enduro the first few your time will probably be split between wondering why you never noticed how heavy an XR 650L is and being amazed at how fast 18 (24, 36) MPH really is on the trail.

If you are really worried that you'll be fast and burn a check or two, maybe try what I did in those C Class days between trying to survive and actually being able to keep time. I would make a cheat sheet of TIME=MILES. I would use easily identifiable times and miles and maybe at 10 minute intervals. In the old days I would cover it in plastic and tape it to that nice metal XR tank. That way every so often I could look down and compare my progress with where I should be.

Also, if you come up on a bunch of dudes sitting in the woods along the trail for no particular reason, check there minute. Chances are there is a possible up ahead and their killing time so they don't burn it. If you find all on Minute 33 sitting along the trail and you're on minute 36? Wait until about 3 minutes after they roll and then move out again.

I've never met an enduro rider who was a total jackwagon............sign up, race, make some new friends................and someone will show you how to keep time. It's way easier in practice than it seems when you're reading about it.
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