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Part 2

The picnic is over, itís time to go.

Space trooper is always packing the first and using beaverís stool for balance training.

The track winds between pits and bumps but firmly goes up to the pass.

Locals live by cattle grazing and logging and bumming cigarettes from tourists

Maral farm

Che as a real creative person likes to stay in a beautiful flowerbed

Grom rides the Altai Valley

Cherished cafes and gas stations.

It seems we just left from civilization, but the dependence remained!

The food is finished. Gas tanks are full. Texts are sent.

We select the second trek. The first one was for warming up.

Our way lies through them national reserve, through ancient tombs, old believer villages and impassable jungles

Protected roads in the national reserve

It may seem a landscape photo. But no, it is a picture of the road. And the horizon is not skewed.

We have a trek, but itís not possible to move along it. And the rain starts!

Wet grass on a slope glides so perfectly.

We try to find a loophole.

I saw this clearing 100 times on sat image. The road is here!

By joint efforts we shook Pateís confidence that the road is here.

Andrew Big went around and in a while we here the roar of the engine on the other side of the slope. We found a detour!

But we are OFRP! And part of the group goes straight ahead.

After a little rest we came to a stream. Itís not clear how Andrew passed it alone.

Mountain stream passing. Old school hardcore.

Cow shit on the rocks in the creek - a dangerous substance!

A long uphill.
Clay, rocks, rain and luggage are petty factors that individually can not scare a traveller,
but gathered together can deliver quite a few pleasant moments to a cameraman.

Lift and push is half the battle, you have to run off!

And repeat

Andrew ride cool and stable at any mountain on any bike

Next stage is waiting for heroes

Well-deserved smoke break on the second ledge. There is another rise ahead.

On the top

Formation and report on capturing height 2500

Altai meadows, snow in the crevices and nobodyís around.

Андрюха может ездить и по наклонным поверхностям, без использования спец средств.

Вот что значит КОСМОДЕСАНТ!

Andrei can ride on inclined surfaces without special equipment.
That's Space Marines!

A picture for girls

Landing on an alien ice asteroid

Che is ready to receive humanitarian capsule

You can get to the moon on an elephant.

ZEN. Members are high and meditative, height 2700, glacier, absolutely clear air.

Smoke break is over. Key to start!

Unknown land ahead.

The locals are alerted. Strange objects are inexorably approaching. Gang is waiting for commands from the leader.

Glacial lake. The water is clearer than glass

There is beauty around. But donít relax! One clumsy movement and Oops!

Andrew is making contact with Altay people. They bum cigarettes and slaughter a sheep.

In the evening there was storm as usual, including rain and snow.
Fierce gusts of wind from the glaciers happily tried to make friends with us,
blowing out a sodden gear, crawling over

nape of the neck with itís spiny chilling tentacles.

And there was no place for camping.
We had to do impossible and make mad dash on a scree.

Then we would save from coming water. Slippery boulders happily turn their sides in the icy streams and quietly whisper: ĎCome on, motherfucker!í

We reached the crest, urgently put an awning, removed wet clothes,
the cold permeates us. Hot dinner saves the world!
We set up our tents under the awning and drag them away already assembled - space savvy

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