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If I hit gravel covered pavement: I try to figure out how I was magically transported to a road with gravel.

Gravel is a kind of stone thing. There are no natural stone things in Flaw'da. If you find gravel on the road in Flaw'da, it escaped from someone's landscaping, or on a more sinister note was put there on purpose. Our "Dirt" roads are clay, at least in the state center I am familiar with, which is excellent for practicing the tail out drift, or just aimless roosting.

We have sand, of which one variety called "sugar sand" is like tiny ball bearings. Hit that in a corner and you are going down, most hopefully a low side. One of my most favourite roads have one corner where sugar sand will wash onto during a heavy rain. I have seen as many as 3 bikes in a pile at one time in that corner from the sand.
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