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04 950 Adventure fork oil weight / air gap set up ideas please

Hi Guys,
Going to a mate's to get my fork seal replaced this weekend, I spoke to a guy at the KTM shop and asked for confirmation on the best weight fork oil for the bike.

I know my bike has S suspension upgrade and the forks have had other work but I can't confirm what...I'm guessing (until open it up) it's probably springs and potentially valves.

Guy at the store suggested 7.5 weight oil. In my Berg and other Ktm owned used mainly 5 weight. A recent upgrade on my Berg saw a shift to7.5 weight, I had gold valve / shim set up installed and was already running heavier springs. I must admit I like the action on the berg and was concerned 7.5 weight would be to much but I was wrong.

Main questions for your thoughts :

a. Have any of you gone to 7.5 weight....if so...your thoughts

b. With a move to a heavier weight oil would you suggest I keep the same air gap....reading the forum seems to suggest 100mm gap (using 5 weight oil)

I haven't been able to find any assistance or info in the manual but will give it another read through this morning to see what I can uncover

Appreciate any ides or points of interest

Thanks in advance
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