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I'm not a big fan of Hansen but he sure gets around. I don't dislike him but there is just something about him. Wonder how much money a guy like him made he certainly seems to be on easy street but who knows.

Jimmy Ellis looks like a million bucks. I am a big fan of him and he used to freaking haul ass.

I wonder how many people here are aware of Pierre Karsmakers and the whole story about him. For those who aren't he was a Dutch rider and while all the euro's used to come over here after the world championship series and mostly dust the american riders in the early 70's they all headed home before the winter and weren't seen again until after the next WC series in the spring/summer. Pierre Karsmakers came and rode OUR national series here in like 73/74 and the first year there was a fair amount of "he's not allowed to do that!!!" and I believe even the AMA got involved and made him somehow ineligible for the title though he could race. Or something like that.

He stayed for a few years, I believe he won a SX title, such as it was in circa 1975. He was also one of the riders in the great film One Chance to Win which documents Weinerts 500 National Championship run circa 1975. It came down to the last race (short series maybe 6-8 races) and about 5 guys had a shot at the title. Weinert, Stackable, Lackey, Tony D, and I believe Karsmakers, though per the film Lackey was more focused on making sure Weinert won and Karsmakers didn't.

Anyway the whole concept of the euro's (PK) not being eligible seems pretty bizarre 40 years later.

Jimmy Ellis.

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