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Originally Posted by Uller View Post
I am somewhat surprised by this.

Yesterday, Dakar posted those NSF photos of Ana Polina standing in the Bivy and on the side of the road.

Today they they post this.

(Now, I am certainly not complaining. I rather like it. Just surprised.

Dakar - The Ultimate Rally Race

Today, the number 69, Hugo Payen #69, has a great support along the track from his best fan: Anna Polina!

Hoy, el número 69, Hugo Payen, tiene un gran apoyo en la pista, de su mejor fan: Anna Polina!


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Chavo Salvatierra

Ya estoy en La Serena, después de terminar la penúltima etapa. Hoy al km 9 de carrera golpee muy violentamente una piedra escondida dentro del polvo, y fui expulsado de la moto. Gracias a Dios no me paso nada, la moto se arruino el roadbook, asi que fui toda la carrera atras de Paolo Ceci . Falta poco!

Originally Posted by Carlos M View Post
At the end of the day, that's not a bad result for Joan. He crashed hard, he is uninjured, he made a new friend.

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Guess who this is:

Originally Posted by cross-country View Post

Go Mike!!

BTW, Mike is an inmate here and in addition to a pile of CRF's he also owns a 640Adv AND a KLR! The KLR (and his insistence that it's a quality bike) always cracks me up, especially when coming from a guy that has such an impressive race resume.
Originally Posted by DesertSurfer View Post
This truly was an amazing day... full of all the unexpected, yet expected drama, twists and turns.

Here's some interesting thoughts about tomorrow...

Salvatierra will most likely land at top 15. Really an incredible feat for a regionalite. He should receive high honors from the spectators and major respect from the competition. Imagine breaking into a top 15 Dakar in your own backyard... I'd go grab a sexy Chileno right after the finish for some additional fireworks celebrations if I were so lucky to be him!!!

Jakes could actually break into the top ten if he has a great ride and Casteau fatigues... Could you imagine making it into this year's top ten on the final stage.

There's plenty of motivation for a shoot out ahead.

Casteau, Svitko and Gouet will need to keep focused to prevent being bumped out of the top ten... which would be a severe letdown after all they've been through. They better hope Jakes doesn't have one amazing run left in him.

Bang Bam Boom Barreda... Any normal person would be ecstatic to end in 7th, just ask the riders I listed above. But we really don't know what BB will truly be satisfied with. I'm hoping he still has one big fire burning left in him. He is a wild horse here, and he could still move up a notch if mother Murphy still has a few more tricks up her sleeve. If I was team Honda, at this point, I'd play the wild card I was dealt. I'd set Boom Boom on fire and tell him to ride like he was being chased by the devil ( in otherwords, continue on, business as usual). Because, in hindsight things always look worse, just like any big gamble that's ever gone bad. And it's only the failed ones that smell bad. His plan was flawed, but he had the bravado to actually try pressuring the leader into an error. I think, had he not tried, he would have second guessed himself all the way to his death bed. He lived his second to the last stage like most people could only be so lucky living each day of their life... he lived it like there was no tomorrow. I still think BB has a ton of spirit left and I wouldn't be surprised... no, actually... I'm going out on a limb here to say he only falls a couple times and maintains his 7th position.

Kuba has ridden a Hell of a race, and he's only around 17" from top 5 at 6th... He must be thinking... I'm that close to TOP F&%king 5. You can believe that's motivation for him.

So that leaves Kuba breathing down on Helder's back at 5th.

And Helder's some 6" down from taking over Cyril's spot at 4th... Yeah, well I only see Cyril moving upward.

Cyril is clearly within stricking distance of Pain at 4 mins. for a 3rd podium spot. That's doable for Cyril. And there's even an outside chance he could gain 14" on Pain for 3rd if Pain is forced into a navigational error.

Pain has a ton of pressure trying to preserve a 3rd podium position with a rider like Cyril breathing down on him. This has got to be one of the worst spots to have. Imagine contemplating that at night while completed the road book... "Shit, I've got Cyril chasing Helder.... and I've got Helder chasing me... and I'll have to navigate my ASS out of this."

Jordi's only 10" ahead of Pain in 2nd Podium, and you can bet Pain's thinking there's a change to move up. And Basically Jordi will be leading the race. The big question here is whether that pressure's too much for Jordi. And I personally would not be surprised if by a very slim chance... Cyril has his best performance of the entire rally and out navigates, out performs and flat out hustles his way into 2nd place. I'm sticking my neck out here (as I'm known to do every once in a while)nand putting my chips on the table for Cyril... not only to pull off an upset of both Pain and Villadoms, but one of the greatest upsets and comebacks in Dakar history. It's a long shot and there's only one person I'd trust who could pull that needle out of the Antifagasto sand. Cyril Despres.

And as we already know... the winner of this race, orchestrated in brilliant fashion is Mr. Smooth Marc Coma. But hold on, there's still drama here... Will Marc help handle some of Jordi's navigation and secure Jordi's position as a 2nd podium finisher. If so will it be Team KTM vs. Team Yamaha for the final stage.

And above all else, what trickery will ms. Murphy bring to the table in tomorrows last and final finish to another superb Dakar?

What was a year in anticipation... Is now only seemingly moments away from an end.

And a big thanks to this awesome adv family. It's nice to know there are other rally F5eaks out there besides me.
Dreaming of Dakar
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