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I just did my first oil change on my 2007 990 and heres some things I ran into.

-Previous owner installed a CJ design oil tank drain hose ( god bless him ) Im new to working on these bikes but I would say this piece is essential for guys who do their own maintance and have crash bars so you dont have to take off your crash bars and left tank everytime you have to drain your dry sump.

- putting a 2X4 under one side of the center stand helped get the majority of the old oil out.

- since it was my first time gettting into the bike I wasnt sure what oil filter was in there so I held off on buying Scotts reusable oil filter.

- I followed the manuel when putting the new oil in by adding 2 liters and letting run to operating temp for a couple minutes then adding the final liter

- I checked my dipstick and it was only barely touching the bottom of the dipstick, so I kept adding little by little after I had put in around 3.4 liters I was starting to get worried because it was only going like 1/2 way on the dipstick in between the min-max mark.

- I finally just said screw it to see how it registered so I put about 3.6 liters in until it finally was at the MAX mark. Im still not sure why mine took so much additional oil even though I have checked it and checked it over the past couple weeks. Im assuming most of the additional oil was due to the CJ oil hose.

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