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Originally Posted by seabee1 View Post
Mostly true. You don't get an rv plate when you register primarily off road. You get a motorcycle plate, pay 25.00 for the ohv sticker, and it makes your registration drop to like 7.00. It's around 30.00 total for registration and ohv sticker when you claim primarily off road.
And you can definately ride around town with it. It's primarily off road, not exclusively off road.
It doesn't mean you can go buy milk and pick up your dry cleaning. You are allowed to connect OHV trails with it. Enforcement is up to the cop of the moment of course.

MVD was very clear when I asked the dif between primarily ON vs OFF road plates. I was told twice that the Primarily off road use plate would have the RV vs MC in the numbers. But I opted for MC.
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