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Originally Posted by wxwax View Post
Good one, thanks. You can tell that the doctors are refusing to do anything but depict worse-case scenarios. I'm sure that part of that is not wanting to raise false hope, as the article says. But I suspect part of is also that they want to protect their professional reputation.

I guess two weeks in a coma is the minimum we should expect. I do wonder why hypothermia isn't dangerous in an induced coma, but would be to you or me when stranded outdoors.
Therapeutic hypothermia reduces the metabolic requirements of not just the brain but many of the body's organ's metabolic requirements to "tickover" pace. This reduces the amount of byproducts accumulating and stressing organs like the kidneys, liver and lungs. Kind of like hibernation, or suspended animation of sci-fi not so long ago. Fairly sure they will be waiting for the pressure inside his skull (intracranial pressure) due to swelling from his injury to reduce before any attempt to wean him from life support.
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