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Originally Posted by 2 SPOT View Post
thats not true jeff, whomever you spoke to didnt know what they were talking about.

RV plates are OFF ROAD only, non reg, its just a means to have something to stick the OHV sticker to.

primary off road gives you the MC plate with the option to purchase OHV sticker and reduced reg.

primary on road gives you the MC plate w/o the option for reduced reg and OHV sticker.

however i have seen all kinds of crap,,, you prolly have the OHV sticker and reduced reg with your primary on road checked box right?

thats not right but they do it cause not even the MVD knows whats going on,,, did you know that factory dual sport bikes dont need the OHV tag and the law cant give you a ticket for it,,, but try to argue that after you get a ticket, nobody knows the laws they are serving.
Mine are all MC plates... primary on road use... and the additional OHV sticker to boot. I never cheaped out to game the system. Primarily OFFROAD isn't for doing errands and cruising about town. It's to drive from one OHV area to another directly. They were very clear about this. What the cops do or don't do to enforce it I cannot say.

I don't know why a dual sport would be exempt from paying OHV fees. Even a Jeeper that wants to play off road in AZ has to buy an OHV sticker to go on his street plate. There is nothing about dual sports that changes how AZ collects OHV fees. It is never added into the reg fees for a plated vehicle car, truck or bike... even on renewals it is paid separately.

So I can only tell what I was told. Two different ladies at two different offices gave me the same info. I've registered and titled 7 vehicles in AZ in the past 18 months.

Not saying you are wrong... just saying it don't logic out the way you are splainin it to me given what I have seen personally.
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