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Tank protectors

We seem to have a bit of interest from all over the planet--and a variety of preferences on design.

I think I'm warming to make new moulds--this time using wax sheet to grow the the tank before I cast the moulds--should allow for lay up, make for a better fit, and allow me to do a wrap around protection for the petcock. This is going to take a little time--and I'll also experiment with vacuum bagging on the old moulds for a better internal and external finish--this shouldn't take too long ( and I'll post pics in plain CF when done). For the second generation I can then make in a material to suit the bike--and the recipient can trim a little to suit their own preferences if they wish. The weather is getting a bit warmer so its a bit easier to burn the midnight oil in my garage at the bottom of the garden--I don't have the standard US basement--we don't go for that sort of thing in the UK.

On cost it will need about $40 or so to cover material--then we have postage--and perhaps a little bit to cover my effort. I've had a look at the colour options--amazing--I don't know whether they will be available in the UK--and If not I'll investigate whether the US firm will ship abroad--some don't (and postage is high)--and the other issue is minimum order quantity. If people can live with plain CF then life will be easier.

Be patient and I'll plod on--its one of those projects that requires real bursts of enthusiasm.

I'm off to Snowdonia next weekend (a traditional BMW club camping weekend--I'm still in the club!)--I'll either use the Adventure--or if its really salty and snowy then I'll use the old 86 Tenere (modified to suit the KTM Gobi panniers--pic attached)
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