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Originally Posted by TonyGibbons View Post
IMO the biggest issue with pasting F &/or L maps from an '09+ into an '07-08 is that these newer bikes run different camshafts (From the '07+ super duke if my info is correct). Rich is safer than lean, and the CPR and Power Tripp maps are richer than the '07-08 akra map, but my bike didn't run well with those values pasted into an '07 map.

I just had my '07 dyno tuned (with TuneECU/dyno/gas analyzer) and the tuner told me that the bike with the '07-08 akra map, leo vince slip on with baffles, an SW7 intake, and SAS/SAI removed, was lean at high RPM. I picked up 10hp over the Akra map once tuned and the bike runs smoother, better mileage, and runs up to redline much harder and with a less buzzy feeling.

I have a TuneECU cable and downloaded the map to my laptop last weekend to see what it looks like. PM me if interested in details!! I'm in San Francisco and happy to share experiences getting these '07-08 bike running right.

As a side note, I sure wish there was a Power-Tripp map for these early FI bikes - he seems to have spent the most time of any of the known tuners thoroughly developing F, L, and I map updates for the newer bikes, and he uses a more advanced dyno with a brake. But oh well - it was a bit of a pain and $$ but my bike runs decent now.
Would love to try your map out here in the UK PM sent.


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