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Re the diagnostics tool for recalibrating the speedo... I just emailed my nephew to see if he can check on that. Being a new dealer he has only had the diagnostic tool a short time and the big street bikes are a bit of a new entity for him. He is an engineer by training and a VERY quick study so it won't be long before he is fully expert. (He is already a master of suspension and the the classic KTM dirt world engine wise. Yeah, a plug from an admiring uncle, but it is a fact!). I will report back here when I can confirm the speedo calibration issue.

I am also going to research and make inquiries about the compatibility of Tune ECU (with the 1190 Adv) and perhaps having access to that feature from there. I have used TuneECU on both my 990 and 690 many times with great success as far as mapping goes.

Perljam... re your concern about the electronics... I appreciate the gut concern about the electronics, but that is long behind me. In my youth I carried a point file with me everywhere I rode. I spent as much time fixing my bikes as I did riding them. Fast forward to today... I have never experienced a "computer" failure on any vehicle I have ever owned, and that covers a lot of miles and machines, four wheels and two. They may be the most reliable part of the modern motorcycle. Granted, if one truly fails, you can't fix it in the field, but that is true for a blown coil or water pump, too.

I had one forced stop on my 690E on the CDR two summers ago. It was electrical in nature and I was not close to anything as far as help goes. I feared the "computer", but it turned out to be a fatigue broken wire to the coil. In other words, a "mechanical" failure and easily fixed. I needed a little rest at the time anyway. The upside of FI? It works perfectly no matter the altitude. In fact, riding around in CO at 6-10K' the 690 routinely gets phenomenal mileage.. 70 mpg.. all thanks to FI. It doesn't make as much power at 13K, but it runs perfectly. I have no interest in carbs what so ever. Been there, done that.

As far as the 1190 goes, my only concern would be, "can I make the payments?" Go for it. You won't look back
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