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Originally Posted by Stan_R80/7 View Post
Current MSF doctrine is to down shift to 1st while emergency braking. The reason is to be able to rapidly move if the vehicle behind you can't brake as quickly. Every time I try to emergency brake without pulling in the clutch - the engine dies.

How do you prevent the engine from dieing if the clutch is not pulled in during an emergency stop?
Well, good question. I guess I see a difference between an "emergency stop" and for lack of a better term a "quick stop". For the sake of an explanation, in my mind, a true emergency stop almost assumes you're gonna hit something unless you get very lucky. A "quick stop" assumes that, provided you have the skill, you've got a good chance of not hitting something. Of course either kind of stop can be caused by the same incident....someone turning left in front of you, pulling out from a side street etc. The difference is measured in split seconds, the rider's awareness, anticipation etc. In a true emergency stop, I doubt that I'd have the presence of mind to shift down, worry about killing the engine, etc. Hope that makes sense.
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