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Originally Posted by tmac13 View Post
Not true. I own a FJ cruiser and go off road all the time. There is no requirement and no possible way to get an OHV sticker for my FJ. The state of AZ will not even sell me one for my FJ.
From the AZ State Parks website

I own a truck and would like to purchase the OHV Decal to help support the program. Can I do that?
  • No. At this time the OHV Decal can be purchased only for qualifying vehicles, which are designed by the manufacturer primarily for travel over unimproved terrain, with an unladen weight of 1,800 pounds or less.
The links below can answer all your questions.
OHV registration info for AZ
Thanks fellers... It sounds like there was no reason for them to sell me an OHV sticker at all since I paid for a street plate for my bikes. I was impressed with the AZ MVD. They were so sure of the rules compared to what I had experienced my whole life at CA DMV.

Apparently they are just as screwed up... just have more confidence about giving bad info and charging unnecessary fees.

Any reason I shouldn't just let the OHV tags expire going forward ?
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